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Abortionpilluae has been providing abortion pills in the UAE to nationals and non nationals for the past 10 years .As you might probably know abortion is illegal in the UAE under article 340 of the penal code abortion is illegal in the UAE except where a woman’s life is at risk or the unborn child has a genetic condition that will prove to be fatal.

A woman who is found to have undergone an abortion can face a penalty of up to one year in prison and a fine of up to Dh 10,000 and possible deportation.
Such strict laws also apply on having a child outside marriage in the UAE. If you become pregnant outside marriage, both you and your partner could face
imprisonment and/or deportation. Doctors may ask for proof of marriage during ante-natal checks. An unmarried woman who gives birth in the UAE may also encounter problems when registering the birth of the child in the UAE and could be arrested, imprisoned or deported. To get a birth certificate from the UAE authorities, you must provide a marriage certificate and the authorities may compare the date of the marriage against the estimated date of conception.[That is, the UAE authority may compare the date of marriage given in the wedding certificate against your childbirth delivery date.] .

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It is for this reason that 11 years ago we came up with a solution to solve this problem with abortion pills which you can use to get rid of a pregnancy
if you are not prepared to have a child and we are glad we are able to have a positive impact on the people’s lives and save them from all these penalties.
We have a qualified team made of several health experts made up of principally women.