61 / 100


I was 5 weeks and 3 days. I read the reviews on here and almost talked myself out of it but I had to do what was best for me.


I read all these terrifying reviews I was so scared to take this I cried I was 7 weeks. I took my first pill at the clinic and had to wait the 24-48 hours. I noticed slight cramping and spotting around 28 hours but it was almost unnoticeable. My stomach felt “off”.


Wow all I can say is that... this was very easy. More annoying then hurting. Just made me very tired. Don’t be afraid ladies. Yea it’s like a period with cramps and fatigue. That’s it.


My cramp and bleeding weren’t bad at all. I was terrified reading some of these reviews I guess everyone is different. My cramps were maybe a 2/10 bleeding maybe 3/10! Not an easy decision at all, but this medicine made it a bit more comfortable!

Nay nai

9 week abortion. Prolonged bleeding. Emotionally traumatic due to the fact it's been going on for 6 weeks, anaemic and retained products. Currently attempting 2nd attempt at tablets and the 72hrs have passed and have only just started losing clots.


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